Canadian Fur Company - About Our Business

CANADIAN FUR COMPANY is a "customer friendly" 4th generation U.S. retail and on-line store, selling furs, shearlings, fur-trimmed cashmere, fur-trimmed down-filled nylon, lamb leathers and knitted fur accessories.

In addition to carrying the world's top brands in each of these categories, CANADIAN FUR COMPANY carries a larger selection than our next 2 local competitors combined, all at great values for less.

This includes the top CHRIST® shearling styles in the most popular sizes and colors.

As a result, CANADIAN FUR COMPANY has grown substantially over the past 6 years, all while emphasizing a proven "customer friendly" retail strategy that includes:

  • Better Quality and Prices for 3 reasons
  • Full Refund written policy on all gifts for 10 days or by December 31st
  • "Enjoy Now/Pay Later" interest free financing for 12 months with Western Pennsylvania residents
  • A "wear and tear" written guarantee on every fur purchase

And finally, CANADIAN FUR COMPANY storages as well as cleans, repairs and remodels approximately 4000 coats of its customers each spring and summer in its ideal temperature/humidity controlled vaults and work rooms on-site.