6 Key Questions About Mink

Simply put, CANADIAN FUR COMPANY believes that is imperative for every buyer to be completely satisfied by seeing first hand and second by understanding fully the answers to six key questions. CANADIAN FUR COMPANY can answer these questions while showing each customer a greater selection than that available at its next two competitors combined!

  1. Are the pelts female, male or males that are made to look like female? And why does this matter?
  2. Is the origin BLACKGLAMA® (Great Lakes Mink Association), USA, KOPENHAGEN®, Denmark, SAGA®, Scandinavian, or another country, and which are better?
  3. Is the fur and hide natural, color added or a dyed color and how is this important?
  4. Were the pelts in the garment constructed using a fully let-out, let-out, skin-on-skin, corded, or joined ‘sections’ technique? How is the quality of the stitching in the selected technique?
  5. What is the sweep in inches (or distance around the bottom) to determine the quantity of pelts, and why is this important in a less fitted style?
  6. Does the selected garment have the desired or flattering styling options, and which are enduring or trendy, popular or distinctive?

  • Collars: Shawl, Wing, Cape, or Notched
  • Shoulders: Set in, Raglan, or Saddle
  • Sleeves: Hairdown (straight), Diagonal, or Semi-Dolman
  • Cuffs: Bracelet, Turn Back Cuff, Straight, or Gathered
  • Bodies: Full Sweep, Straight, Semi-Shaped, Geometric, or Flounce

There is a lot to grasp here but visiting CANADIAN FUR COMPANY can be a good learning experience. And even if a customer chooses to purchase elsewhere, he or she will now be making a better decision.